Giving Thanks and Going East

Please note:  I wrote this post on Sunday December 1, 2013, but was having difficulty adding pictures so it’s a little late getting posted.

What a lovely and wonderful Thanksgiving time we had with Bob, Marsha, Greg, Amy, the girls and Amy’s Grandmother!

Mitch reading to the girls
Mitch reading to the girls

All we did was buy a pumpkin pie, brought some wine and showed up.  Thanks for doing all the cooking ya ‘all! Greg deep-fried a turkey with Cajun seasoning, and it was seriously yummy! Marsha made the most delicious pecan sweet potato dish and all the other fixin’s were equally delightful.  Our most favorite thing of the day; being in their company!

We loaded up Friday and were on our way to Louisiana without any problems. Our first night’s stay was right across the boarder from Texas at the Louisiana visitor center and rest stop.

Visitor Center in Louisiana
Visitor Center in Louisiana at dusk

Oh boy do I love the drive, the options, and the possibilities of what is to come. What I don’t love, is the not knowing where is best to go, what it will be like and how long we should stay. Such is the RV place that we had scouted out to stay once we made it farther into Louisiana.  It is in Broussard, and when I spoke to the gentleman he was really nice, it sounded like a great price and things were going to work out great.  Then we got there; it was small, really tight to fit into, no pavement and not much gravel to speak of, right next to the highway and it just didn’t feel right.

The trees in Louisiana grow really cool beards
The trees in Louisiana grow really cool beards

We all voted to keep on going, and do more research.  I decided to look into some state parks and that’s when we found Grand Isle State Park!  It is the last strip of Louisiana land sticking out into the Gulf of Mexico, and the road we traveled in on, is the only way out.

We are at the green dot

This place is packed in the summer time, and is all booked up for next year, but right now… it is almost all ours.


What a great feeling to look out the window to see palm trees, and blue skies instead of someone’s cougar rv logo staring back at you.

Not another RV in sight
Not another RV in sight

It’s an exciting and scary feeling to be surrounded by the massively powerful splendor that is water and knowing what it’s capable of doing.  As we listen to the ocean at night, knowing that it is right over the mound of vegetation, and seeing the abundant stars shining on us at night we thank God for all the awesomeness he has created in this world.

We went metal detecting on the beach today; papa found a penny, Mitch found a quarter and a penny, and I found a new found frustration for not finding anything.

The guys searching for the long lost treasure
The guys searching for the long lost treasure

I decided I would rather enjoy God’s art of the sea and picked up seashells for hours and loved every minute of it.

Mitch found this sand dollar during our outing
Mitch found this sand dollar during our outing

Unfortunately they don’t have a full hookup and we have learned that three days is about max before we need to use the dump station.


We are planning to leave on Tuesday, and will work our way closer to New Orleans, or not, I couldn’t tell you till it happens. But when it happens, or whatever happens we’ll keep ya posted.



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