Flower Power!

To become a flower, you may have to go through the poo.

Really, that might have poop on it?!
Ewww, that might have poop on it?!
What should you do when you dig yourself a hole? I say plant those seeds of knowledge, work through the crap and come out the other side, blossoming into a better version of who you were when you started.
Springtime showers and pretty red flowers.
Use tulips to say no, when you don’t know
After weeks of beating myself up, I really only have a bruised ego, and a bucket of regrets for not listening to my gut about the banana. You would think that after praying for a sign, having to go to three different banks and saying, ” I think this is a sign” we would have taken a step back. Nope, we just powered through. Now that We’ve festered in this feeling long enough, Let’s hope we have the wisdom to make better choices when faced with uncertainty, and listen to those signs!
A bleeding heart for our RV sorrows
A bleeding heart for our RV sorrows
If you can’t tell, we’re still not happy with the RV. For different reasons than you would think.  The Blue Banana has taught us many things in the short time we have had it, most importantly, we’ve realized that a class A is not the right rig for us. We have decided on a 5th wheel and here’s our reasons why.
-More stuff for the bucks
-More room
-still have place to sleep if truck needs repair
-Feels more like a home
-easier to back up
-we can have 2 toilets!
-if we got a toy hauler and papa needs to use his walker, we have a ramp
Why didn’t we figure this out before? Maybe we weren’t meant to? Thank the good Lord we figured it out before we hit the road! Maybe because I read that class A’s are easier to just hop in and drive off. Or that they are used by many full-timers. Also that we wanted to see the country through that huge front window. But We weren’t  thinking about the overall experience and what would be best for us. We thought about the driving, making sandwiches on the road and being able to go to the bathroom without stopping every hour for me. I wanted to do what was the norm. How silly to think we should do what is the norm! That’s what this journey is about, going your own way, not conforming.
Dude, you're going the wrong way! Jump up Johnny!
You go your own way, Johnny jump around!
Sometimes ya gotta go the wrong way to find your own way.  So, lets hope that this is more of an emotional lesson than a financial one! Maybe someone will fall in love with the Blue Banana.
Just to update you on the list of frustrations with the banana. R&R looked the whole RV over, no mold was found (common in older RV’s), the engine is solid (huge plus),the generator they said take to cummins (ugh), but that clunking…there were no nuts holding the bolts in the sway bar! Seriously!
Awww man, sway it isn't so!
Awww man, sway it isn’t so.
The mechanic, Steve, who is awesome, was amazed that the thing didn’t fall apart on us when we drove it home from Portland. In response I said, ” that’s called the hand of God. ”  Even when we don’t listen to him, he keeps us safe!


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