Our Toad Named Gracie

Oh the power of prayer, patients and persistence!!

By the grace of God we found our Honda C-RV, that we rightfully named “Gracie”.


We had done our research a couple months ago about what kind of vehicle you can flat tow behind an RV, affectionately nicknamed Dingy’s or Toads and decided on the Honda C-RV.   Even though we don’t have our class A RV yet, we were on the lookout for both. The first one we found was a 97 from a dealer for $5,500 and really considered it just because we knew it was the kind we needed. just to put things into perspective, looking on craigslist right now a 98 with 161 thousand miles is listed for $5,900 by an individual in Spokane Washington. Texas on the other hand has much more reasonable prices, so much so, we talked about flying down there, buying and driving back! My gut said just believe and be patient, it’s out there and it will happen.  So we would just look, less often as weeks went buy, amazed at how expensive they were.

A few days before we found Gracie, it dawned on me that even though I was so certain in my heart that we would find a great deal, I hadn’t prayed about it… so I did. Three days later, the morning was like any other morning.Having coffee, listening to papa humming, searching craigslist for RV’s.photo I decided to just check for C-RV’s and there she was, a 2004 with 134 thousand miles for $6,000!!! I actually looked over it for a second because I thought it was one of the scam listings because of the price, until I clicked on it again and realized it had a phone number! As the phone was ringing I just kept saying, “oh please, oh please!” When Ron answered I asked if it was a clean title, if anything was wrong with it and how do we get to his house. He said he just listed it ten minutes ago, nothing wrong with it and clean title. I jumped out of my seat, said we would be there as soon as we could, just enough time to stop by the bank and drive to his place. I asked him to please let us have first dibs and he said he would save it for us until noon.  My excitement was uncontrollable! Jumping up and down I ran into the bedroom, waking up Mitch with a bombardment of information before he was even able to get his eyes open. When we arrived she looked even prettier than the picture! She drives like a dream, and is in great shape. After the deal was done, and his phone was still ringing from people wanting to see the car I said to him, ” we prayed for a deal like this.”  He said, “and we prayed for it to sell.”  I believe that the good Lord heard us both and put us together! What a blessing! One big purchase down, one to go. Here’s hoping we have the same experience when we find our RV!



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